Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To Get Your My2K Rank Up To Hall Of Fame


I was browsing the NBA 2K Sports Forums and noticed a thread about My2K Rank. It talked about what everybody's My2k ranks were and what they meant. A question was asked about how do you get your My2K rank to a Hall of Fame level. In the picture to the right, I thought I would show you my badge so you can see proof that I really indeed did get the Hall of Fame badge. I think whenever you read anything online about NBA 2K12 that you really question the information you find because a lot of people say stuff that's just not true. It then gets spread around the internet like it is fact.

In the forums over at 2K, I was the only one who said they had achieved Hall of Fame status. This got me to thinking that it must be a lot harder to achieve than I thought and therefore mean a lot more than I thought as well. The funny thing is that I've had it for months. Well, I say I, but I'm sure that "The Kid" had a big part in it as he played a lot of the modes that probably helped us reach that status.

So, it also got me wondering exactly how to raise your My2K rank and build it to a Hall of Fame level. No one really seemed to know. Fortunately, I have been sending all of my achievements to my twitter feed. Here's a picture of my twitter feed the day I picked up the badge.

I didn't realize it but I've actually raised my 2krank to Hall of Fame level badge twice according to my twitter feed. Here's the announcement the second time. This probably had something to do with the freeze issue or online problems I'm guessing.

There are several My2K rank levels you have to reach. Everyone starts out as a Rookie. The next levels are Pro, All-star, Superstar and then finally the highest My2K rank level of Hall of Fame. Each My2K rank level, except Hall of Fame has certain numbers like Pro 1, All-star 2, etc. I think there are 4 or 5 levels to each badge.

How long did it take for me to get my My2K rank to Hall of Fame level in NBA2k12? It took me exactly 102 days.

If you are trying to figure out how to reach the Hall of Fame rank, these are the things we did to build our rank and get our Hall of Fame badge:

  • Completed the NBA's 15 greatest games.

  • Started several My Players

  • Started training camp

  • Played online in quick matches

  • Played a couple of team up games

  • Started several Creating a Legend files

  • Achieved several milestones in My Player and Creating a Legend

  • Achieved several team and NBA records in My Player and Creating a Legend

  • Played and simmed a bunch of seasons in an offline Association winning the NBA Finals and getting MVP's several times

  • Joined an Online Association and played some

  • Bought the downloadable content

  • Played horse in the DLC

  • Beat all the players in the two on two part of the DLC

  • Played a ton of games

  • Played a season file

  • Used practice mode a lot

  • Did some playoffs

  • Created our own players and teams

I personally think that in order to get your Hall of Fame My2K rank, you have to play a bunch of games, achieve several milestones and play (but not necessarily complete) all the modes in the game. For example, I didn't complete training camp until after I got my badge but I'm not a 100 percent sure.

My suggestion is to make sure that you play a lot of games and do something in every mode in the game.

It is also possible that the downloadable content I bought had an impact on that, but I'm not saying that as fact. We didn't achieve Hall of Fame level until after Christmas when we got that to check out. It could just have been a matter of timing. I'm not sure if it mattered. We didn't tweet all of our achievements to the twitter feed, but if you want to look back at all our tweets by checking out Coach2K's twitter feed. You might as well follow me while you are there if you have a twitter account.

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I think its more than just the positive things you do to get you that rank, its moreso the balances between the positives and the negatives, for example, I had a problem with my cable line that I just got fixed, as to where I kept getting DC'd, and instead of just giving me a lost, when it happened the last time it dropped my Rank from Superstar 2 ALLLL the way down to prospect, yep Prospect.

So for you guys that quit games it hits you here as well, I'll try to post the pick of it

Do you think that was because it just couldn't access your profile for a bit? I was wondering if it reset right away or if you had to go through all the steps again. Maybe that's why I reached Hall of Fame twice because of something like that.

That is very much so possible. The strange thing is that it has happened two different time after the exact same action.. I don't remember but your account already starts above Prospect doesn't it? it was more like it was dropped down to its lowest level as a punishment

When I got back to my PS3 I was going to check but thought I started as a Rookie, but maybe it is Prospect.

This is kind of weird to ask but, can i send you a friend request?

No not at all, I put it on my site somewhere. My PSN ID is www-coach2k-com.

I reached hall of fame status last week and I only play online quick matches. I only play with golden state and my Record was 236-69 when i achieved it.

I have a 252-73 online record and im only a superstar 4... played probably over 60 team up games, played many offline associations, have an 80 overall my player, bought the DLC, did the 2v2 and 3v3 in it, and have done 2 of the nba's greatest games........ i dont know whats the holdup but lets just say im not getting excited for the superstar 5-hall of fame grind at allllll

Thanks for deleting my comment for no reason

Sorry, your comment didn't appear right away because I had to approve it and you should see it now.

I'm seeing more HOF badges show up, so people must be doing whatever it takes to get them now.

How do you get rid of a prospect level?

I'd do training camp. The prospect label shouldn't last long though if you are playing the game in any mode though.

My record is 236-143...and I've been at superstar 4 forever..anyways, ill smash anyone with the grizz...Xbox ricktherookie

personally, i did association online and did 2 seasons worth of games. (29 games)
just because i barely lost playing against other users, i kept ranking up.
another tip is just keep playing quick games in Online. Im superstar 5 and I've had the game for 1 month. (July 1st). 183-130

I got it and ive only played alot of online games and my player

I've been stuck on Superstar 5 for months. I have a 139-62 online record. Played every game mode. I've even tried getting the trophies to rank up but nothing. It's so frustrating I wanna get that HOF badge. Anybody find out a way for sure I could get it up?

Keep playing. It will show up.

Okay, I read this thread last week, because I had wondered the same thing. My record, as sad as it may sound, is 200-286. I JUST reached Hall of Fame status. Now, from reading the previous posts, it seems to be the more games you play. I have seen my progress since my first online game and pleased with my progress.

Agree. I just got my Hall of Fame badge after going 200-286.

well im 210-80 and im waiting

Play with lower ranked teams and you will level up faster.. Add me ps3 louisiana_lac