Monday, June 9, 2014

Coach2K League Finals Preview


After a long season and a grueling but exciting playoff, the Coach2K Finals have arrived and will start Monday, June 9, 2014 at approximately 9:15pm ET. It will feature the Eastern Conference champion PSN Alabamarob Hawks vs the Western Conference champion PSN Yung_Ballin Pelicans.

The Coach2K League is the only league I know of playing any organized NBA2K.

This is a best of seven series and game one will be held in Atlanta. The settings will be 12 minute quarters, hall of fame difficulty and simulation sliders.

This is a man's game played on manly settings. No six minute quarters with quick match settings here. These are full games.

Thanks to the new streaming function, the game will be available live on Twitch and you can catch game one on channel. For us in the league being able to see the action live is pretty awesome so I'm hoping more will tune in. I've often found myself watching NBA on TV and two league games at the same time on my computer and paying more attention to the league games!

What's great about this matchup is that Alabamarob uses his hometown Hawks while Yung_Ballin uses his hometown Pelicans. If you know anything about me, I look for guys that play with their hometown teams and since both of these guys represent their hometown squads, I love that.

You'll find this to be interesting matchup. Alabamarob is a very methodical, patient and skilled player and Yung_Ballin is an aggressive defender with excellent stick skills. I'm excited to see how this series plays out.

I hope you check out game 1. These are great players who I think represent the league very well. In the meantime, you can check out some old footage of games I've played versus each of these guys if you'd like. I've posted both below.

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