Sunday, September 28, 2014

C2K002: NBA2K Roster Editing with Turty11


In this episode of Coach2K, I interview PSN Turty11 who has spent the last couple of years working on his roster editing skills. We spend our time talking about where to begin if you want to start editing your own rosters and what sources he uses to get his data. We also spend some time talking about ratings, tendencies, signature skills and the personality badges and how he feels NBA2K is going too far away from the way he'd like editing players to work.

Near the end we also talk about draft classes and he agrees to make a community draft class of 15-20 guys in the community that he can import into NBA2K15's MyLeague or MyGM to see what happens when 2K decides what will happen with our careers.

As a guy who doesn't edit rosters and is more an "out of the box player", I wanted to give a voice to those who like to get in there and really tinker. I'm sure we only scratched the surface of a very arduous and lengthy process if you really want to do it right.

Thanks again to my guest PSN Turty11 who you can follow on Twitter and also another shout out to Aaerios Gaming for doing the intro to On The Court With Coach2K.

Enjoy and let me know what you would like to hear on the show. Post any comments below and I'll be sure and read them.

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