Tuesday, October 14, 2014

C2K006: How to Build a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel with Aaerios


In this episode, my guest is Aaerios. We spend nearly an hour talking about how to build a successful YouTube gaming channel. Aaerios is one of the few NBA2K players I've found who is actually from San Antonio and who also uses the Spurs in the game. We open the podcast talking getting his thoughts on how the Spurs will do this upcoming year after winning the NBA championship last year. He was pretty optimistic about their chances to repeat this upcoming season

Next up, he shares his impressions of NBA2K15 which just came out shortly before we recorded the show. He felt NBA2K15 is pretty challenging and more geared to the sim player this year than it has been in the past.

After that, we dig into the topic at hand and that's how to approach the whole YouTube gaming content creation arena. His first suggestion was to find a way to think outside the box and be different from all of the other gaming channels that people create. His way of doing that is by doing radio play by play commentary to call his NBA2K videos. This comes natural to him because it's also something he does in real life doing real life play by play of college basketball and baseball.

He likes to do every sport on his channel but states that the NBA2K videos perform the best on his channel. He's got three things planned for this year. One is a MyLeague with the Spurs that tackles the challenge of both Manu and Duncan retiring at the end of the first year. Next he is doing a fantasy draft MyLeague with the Knicks and finally, plans to do some MyTeam videos.

There's an absolute TON of information in this hour plus long show. You'll hear recommendations on what equipment to use, more tips on the type of content to create, how he edits and does commentary and also what everyone wants to know and that's the part about making money.

One other thing Aaerios does is spend some time talking about gaming networks, the benefits of joining them and more specifically what network he and other successful YouTuber's belong to.

If you are interested in having your own YouTube gaming channel, you'll hear an honest assessment of what to expect and the mindset you'll need to be successful. Some of the best advice comes at the very end of the show that applies not to just YouTube but will serve you well in any endeavor you choose.

Be sure and visit Aaerios Games on YouTube and subscribe to his channel to follow what he is up to in the gaming community.

Thanks again to Aaerios for stepping On The Court With Coach2K.

NOTE: More detailed show notes to be added later that identify some of the resources mentioned in the show.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

C2K005: How to Collect All of the Cards in NBA2K MyTeam Mode with Crossworks

In this episode, I spend some time talking with a great lady named Crossworks. Crossworks is one of the few female members of the NBA2K community. I found Crossworks via her YouTube channel when I was looking for people who had collected every single card in MyTeam. As is customary, before the show, I like to play my guests and so I hit the court with Crossworks where she showed off her Diamond Rose that was the ultimate reward for collecting every single card this year and we had a fun game on the court before we started.

I'm glad I did because I secretly wondered if she played her own games or had someone else play for her when I first stumbled across her channel. I can confirm that she does indeed play her own games and is a tough competitor!

The first thing I wanted to know is how she got interested in playing and turns out she played in high school and some in college and would definitely be interested in seeing the WNBA players be available in NBA2K.

After I learn some of her background, I ask her to walk me through from start to finish the steps she took to get all of the cards. There were 1166 cards available in NBA2K14 to collect. It took her nearly all year to get all of the cards and she did that through a combination of VC, MT coins as well as the Domination, Road to the Playoffs and tournament modes - all of which she completed. She also shares with me the pack strategies she used in buying cards too.

A few other things she mentioned is that you need to follow NBA2K on Facebook and Twitter to get locker codes for some players and to keep up to date on what is going on in MyTeam related to card collecting.

One of things that I uncovered in the course of doing the show was that she is involved in a community called the Kings and Queens of Legitimacy and they are looking for other ladies who plan on forming their own teams to take into the MyPark mode to play against the guys in NBA2K. So, if you are a female and play NBA2K you'll definitely want to get in touch with her if you are also an NBA2K player.

Near the end, we spend some time talking about her YouTube channel and how she got started and got to over 5000 subscribers. She was very grateful to her subscribers for her subscriber growth and also was very thankful to have been featured on Cash Nasty's YouTube channel. Her main goal is to help people not just with collecting cards but creating a special community that also helps each other meet their own personal goals.

I was also very grateful to run across Crossworks. Super helpful lady. I hope you enjoy today's session of On The Court With Coach2K.

PROGRAM NOTE: There were just a couple of times where our phone connection cutout. It was only a few times in the interview so if you hear us lose signal a couple of times that is why. Since it was pretty minor, I left those in and I didn't feel it hurt the context of our conversation.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

C2K004: NBA2K Online Leagues with Reemodagreat, Everydayis2K and RedStickGamer


On tonight's On The Court With Coach2K, I have three special guests with me to talk about NBA2K Online Leagues. These three are all veterans of NBA2K and right now are all Playstation users. All three participate in the Coach2K League. I first introduce Reemodagreat who is the Trailblazers owner in the league followed by Everydayis2K, the Philadelphia 76ers owner. My third guest who was also in episode one of On The Court and who is the current C2K League Champion, RedStickGamer, who uses the New Orleans Pelicans. Each guest begins the show by talking about their team and what you can expect this year.

After we get to know each guest a bit, we get down to business and start talking online leagues. Our discussion begins with what is new in NBA2K15 which releases in a few days. Of those things, custom rosters and flex scheduling were the focus on how we thought those features might work in the game.

Then we talk about the types of problems that have been issues for us and probably others in the NBA2K community along with some of our solutions and a few withlist items. Of those topping the list is by far the ability to save playbooks.

Finally we talk about the C2K League and get down to predictions on what we think is going to happen in the league this year.

This episode is over an hour of what we've learned actually playing in the C2K league over the last several years. It was a lot of fun interviewing these guys and I was very happy to have them on the show.

I hope you check it out. If you have questions, feel free to comment below and don't forget to subscribe in iTunes to On The Court With Coach2K and if you could do me a favor and review the show while you are there that would be super.