Thursday, March 12, 2015

C2K Pacers drop home opener in OT versus the HOF CPU 76ers

My C2K Indiana Pacers opened their MyLeague season by welcoming the HOF CPU Philadelphia 76ers to Banker's Life. The Indiana Pacers won their real life home opener against Philadelphia and I was hopeful to duplicate their efforts but I dropped this one in overtime 102-99.

The 2014-2015 season opened with several guys injured in real life. Paul George, David West, George Hill and CJ Watson were all unavailable. Rather than play my NBA2K15 Hall of Fame season with all those guys, I'm going to use the actual lineups that Frank Vogel used and make do just like he did with the personnel available to him at the time.

I went back and looked at the game to see who Frank Vogel started and how many minutes he played each real life Pacer. I then went into my MyLeague file and set my rotations to the minutes he played everyone. I then put the game on auto substitutions and then play with whoever gets put on the floor.

Here are how the minutes were assigned:

hof-rotations-game1-76ersOnce the game starts, how they play along with foul trouble will determine the minutes that player actually plays. I've noticed to that unless I get down huge, the rotations stick to the guys I gave minutes to and that's the main thing I'm after. I don't want to use George Hill if Vogel didn't in the real life game. I have noticed though, that if the game appears out of reach, the CPU coach will clear bench even if it wasn't assigned to play in that game.

This game was really out of reach but because it seemed out of reach, George Hill was put in and he nailed a late three and sank two key free throws to send it to the overtime period. Had he not been put in, I doubt that I would've been able to do that.

What I learned in this game

While I want to win every game I play, I really set out to learn more about the team as a whole when I play on that difficulty. I take what I learn from playing the Hall of Fame CPU to apply it to future games versus the CPU and versus users. Normally each year, I focus on one hall of fame CPU opponent to do that, but this year, I am working my way through a season.

In this one, Donald Sloan led the Pacers with 35 points but I lost in overtime 102-99. I spent a lot of time running Sloan off pick and rolls and driving him to the basket to either get a layup or to draw contact to get to the line. I learned he can finish well at the rim and he can get to the line.

While I got a lot out of Sloan, I'm not going to win many games with him carrying the load and shooting the ball 23 times. So it was good learning experience to see what he could do but that's not going to work long term even though at the moment I lean on putting him in that situation when I need a score. If the paint is locked down, he can get his shot blocked pretty easy.

Here's the complete box score for Indiana:


All in all it was a pretty fun game and I was in position to win it which was great. The hall of fame CPU always works hard to get every win at this level and this game was no different and they pulled it out at the end.

I thought the key stat in this game was I ended up with zero offensive rebounds. Crazy considering I missed so many shots.

Here's the complete game for you to watch.

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