Thursday, March 19, 2015

HOF Spurs shoot 65 percent in victory to beat C2K Pacers

The Indiana Pacers stuck with the hot shooting HOF Spurs for a half a game of basketball tonight ending the first half in a 53-53 tie. But the second half brought more hot shooting and C2K eventually lost focus and got away from what worked.


The top four Spurs shot 29-34 from the floor for the game and combined for 68 points. Rodney Stuckey had 34 for the Pacers and also went 4-5 from deep.

Beyond that though, Stuckey had no help. But the Pacers woes were mostly on defense where they kept the Spurs from going crazy from three but couldn't stop anything else. The Pacers were still playing shorthanded tonight because of early season injures and Hibbert was also out of action tonight.

At the end of the third, in spite of the hot shooting, Indiana was only down 11. A burst to start the 4th and a rushed offense put the nail in the coffin.

The Pacers are now 1-14 on the season. The Orlando Magic are next up on the schedule and travel to Indy for the game and the big news for Indy is that David West returns to action.

Here's the complete game versus the HOF Spurs.

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