Monday, March 23, 2015

The C2K Pacers MyLeague Redux

I was thinking today that the only full season I've ever played in NBA2K was with the Los Angeles Lakers back when I first started playing in 2K11. It's kind of ironic that I have used the Indiana Pacers so much in 2K versus users but I've never played a full season with them. I've also never played a full season versus the HOF CPU on 12 minute quarters. The Lakers season I did was on 5 minute quarters, pro difficulty and default sliders.

For a long time what I've wanted to do was play the season along with the real life schedule but I've never done that either. I'm not sure why. I think it's partly because I have to learn the game and I spend a lot of time playing users and I want to use the most current roster available.

Recently, I started a HOF season and played about 20 games. I was struggling and I figured that if I wanted to do well in my season, I'm going to have prepare more for each game and treat it like a real season rather than just suit up and play without any game planning.

What I thought I would do then is start a new MyLeague season file and let you see behind the scenes of what I'm thinking and doing as I work my through it.


Hall of fame is pretty challenging for me this year especially with my squad. In order to do halfway decent, I'm really going to have to apply myself and prepare for each and every game. While I'm doing it, I thought I'd take on some new challenges as well and these are things I don't think I've seen anyone work on that I'm aware of.

Here are the details of how I'm going to run my season.

  • Real life starters and rotations Each game I play in MyLeague, I'll only use the starters and players that Frank Vogel used in the real life game that was actually played. I'll be starting out the season without Paul George, George Hill, David West and CJ Watson. I'll start the same guys and set up the rotations to get the same players on the floor that he did for that game. To make sure players play, I'm going to run with auto subs in the settings. My lineup management will be set to manual.

  • Post trade deadline rosters For all of the CPU teams, they'll have their full post trade deadline roster available. I gave some thought to playing the actual team the Pacers played in real life. Quite honestly, though, that takes a lot of time and just playing the games themselves will take a lot of time. For me, it was good enough to use the Pacers squad actually used.

  • Hall of fame difficulty, simulation sliders and 12 minute quarters If you know me, I think this goes without saying. It has to be a hall of fame season. In game fatigue will be on.

  • Negotiated contracts, trade logic, injuries and team chemistry will be turned off Since I'll be manually controlling each lineup, I'll need at the very least pick up AJ Price for a few games early in the season. To make that easier, I've turned off negotiated contracts and trade logic so I can move players without teams picking them up. I've turned off injuries because I'll be sitting guys injured anyway. And finally, I've turned off team chemistry so guys don't get mad sitting on the bench because I'm not playing them. I will leave progressive fatigue on.

  • All manual settings and no feedback With the exceptions of auto subs and late game fouling, all other settings will be on manual. I'll be using user timing and calling my own plays. I'm going to turn off all playing aids like play art, the shot meter, shot feedback, rhythm icons, who to guard etc. What I'm trying to do is run the season in a way that gives me the most realistic feel possible.

  • No changes in the playbook or play assignments I want to play the game as 2K shipped it and run with the Pacers default playbook and won't be changing any of the plays.

  • Controller settings I'll be setting both defensive and boxout assist strength to zero and automatic shot contest to manual.

My goal for the season it to make the playoffs. It'll certainly be a challenge. I figure I'll have to go at least 500 over the course of the season which won't be an easy task versus the hall of fame CPU.

I'll be posting all of my efforts during my C2K Pacers MyLeague Redux on my twitter feed and also here on I'll also broadcast each game live on and post the full game on my YouTube channel. I hope you follow along.

Below is a video where I talk more about my set up.

Until then, I'll see you on the court.

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