Thursday, March 19, 2015

Vucevic spoils West's 42 point return to the lineup for C2K Pacers

David West returned to the C2K Pacers lineup tonight. He dominated the offense and put up 42 points in the win. However, Vucevic was much more efficient and went 12-15 to get 26 points of his own along with 14 boards to lead the Magic to a 107-99 win.


In a game without Hibbert, Vucevic had his way against Indiana.

Protecting the defensive boards continues to be a problem for the C2K Pacers. Three Magic players each had 5 offensive rebounds while Indiana only tallied 5 as a team.

This game was won at the free throw line as the Magic outscored the Pacers by 9.

While my lineup is still shorthanded, I think part of the problem at this point is still the same and that's my inability to play good defense and run a good offense so I'll continue to work on those two areas.

The schedule doesn't ease up as the Cleveland Cavaliers are next up.

Here's the complete game.

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