Tuesday, June 30, 2015

C2K Pacers Summer League Individual Workouts In Freestyle Practice Mode



The C2K Pacers announced their summer league roster yesterday and today, each of the players on the summer league roster worked out individually with Coach2K. Depending on their skills and position, they focused on one, two or three of the following skills - shooting, isomotion or post shots.

Before beginning the workouts, Coach2K put the settings on hall of fame, simulation sliders and also on the camera settings that he'll use in the games the team will play on. Even if you play games on pro, it's still a good habit to practice on hall of fame difficulty when you prepare for games.

The summer league roster is a new team to C2K, so there is a lot of work to be done. Let's talk about the three skills you'll want to work on in freestyle practice mode. Within practice mode, you can go in to the options screen and under controls to find out how to do each move in the game.

  1. Shooting Skills There are three basic shots in shooting that you'll want to work on. Jumpshots, layups and dunks. You'll want to work on player releases (assuming that you are using user timing which you should be), while work on both standing shots or moving shots. You'll also want to spend some time working on layups and dunks. I spend time working on certain spots I want to get to. Those are on the baseline, the elbows and wings and the top of the key. For guys with limited range, I don't bother working on their three point game.

  2. Isomotion/Dribbling Skills For guys on the team that handle the ball a lot, you'll want to work on their dribble moves. Specifically, you'll want to work out your point guard or whoever will be initiating the offense for the team.

  3. Post Moves Finally for guys that can post, you'll want to work on your post shots. This will typicall be your bigs in the power forward and center spots. But if you have a guy like Kobe or Lebron, you'd definitely focus on post shots.

The key here in freestyle practice mode is to start learning your guys. You can do that by looking at their ratings, signature skills and focusing on those skills they are good at. The last thing you want to do is try and make a guy do things he isn't strong at.

So focus on the fundamentals in practice mode and on working on player strengths. Being an isomotion artist is cool and all but not essential to what I preach and that's being solid fundamentally with the basics.

The summer league squad will go through it's shoot around in preparation for some team scrimmages before heading over to Europe and playing games versus the Euroleague and that will be the next thing I talk about.

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