Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NBA2K Good Game Finder

As many of my readers already know, I'm from Indiana and if you face me in NBA2K, I'm bringing one team and one team only - the Indiana Pacers. It doesn't matter whether the team is good or bad or whether I win or lose. I'm suiting up for a 12 minute, hall of fame, simulation slider game against all challengers for a full 48 minutes.
In search of hometown users and true fans of NBA2K teams: Do you use the team from where you are from or are a diehard fan of in NBA2K regardless of the roster? If so, you need to read on and get your name on my list below.

For the last three years, I've been on mission to find guys just like me, for each of the 30 teams in the NBA. It's just a lot more fun to play guys that care about their squad than to play the guys who use the super team of that particular year.

I eventually kind of gave up on that personal quest. I resigned myself to the truth that I'm probably never going to find my counter part playing NBA2K in Utah, in Denver or in Phoenix to name a few NBA cities even though I know they might be out there playing the CPU instead of users.

While my search did lead me to some great players (and now great friends) for about half of the NBA teams, I have since passed that mantle on and entrusted the search I started to PSN Alabamarob. He is from Atlanta, uses his Atlanta Hawks and shares my original goal.

So what this post is all about is finding people just like me, just like Alabamarob and just like other guys I've met, suiting up with the same team year in and year out to help connect them with like minded people to make themselves available to play games among true fans of their respective NBA2k squads.
You don't have to be in a league to be on the list. If you'll suit up versus users using your squad and want to be included that's perfectly fine. Not everyone can play full time in a league and that's ok. But play often enough that you know your team well.

Below is a list of each NBA team and underneath it, I want to start keeping track of guys who indicate an allegiance to one NBA squad. You'll want me to put your name on this list IF:

  • You live in or near that NBA city I'm just outside of Indianapolis. I know guys in DC, in Milwaukee, in New Orleans and more. Are you using the team from the NBA city where you live?

  • Are a die hard fan You are a die hard fan of the team. You watch the games. Heck, you might even be a season ticket holder as I once was.

  • A user of that team every year You'll use your team year and year out in the game.

  • You play NBA2K versus users If you don't play the game versus people, it's just doesn't provide the same experience. If you won't ever play people, then you might want to move on.

  • You'll play complete games win or lose and on the right settings The game plays best in a 12 minute, hall of fame, simulation slider game. And it also is best if you finish what you start so no quitting is allowed even if you are getting killed (as I have many times).

  • A regular roster user You spend time working on learning how to make the best of the squad your team has got in real life and don't want to rebuild the team or find guys for the team that suit your play style. You'll work with what you've got.

  • Care about the game you put on the floor more than winning or losing You care about your play style. You want to know how to improve it and will work over time to do just that even if it means losing more than your share of games.

  • Have a good internet connection You got to have a good internet connection in order to match up and provide a good game experience.

If you are still reading this lengthy post, now comes the good part. I'm going to list each of the NBA teams below and as guys identify with their NBA teams, I'm going to add them below.


Atlantic Division

  • Philadelphia 76ers PSN everydayis2K

  • Boston Celtics PSN csofva

  • New York Knicks PSN qX_Prince_Xp, PSN Gotbeats

  • Brooklyn Nets

  • Toronto Raptors PSN Superman5190

Central Division

  • Milwaukee Bucks PSN obamasllama

  • Chicago Bulls PSN VJosDad

  • Cleveland Cavaliers GT Nba2kMadden4Lif

  • Indiana Pacers PSN www-coach2k-com

  • Detroit Pistons

Southeast Division

  • Atlanta Hawks PSN alabamarob

  • Miami Heat PSN alwaysglobal

  • Charlotte Hornets GT jaypthree44, PSN tadeus8423

  • Orlando Magic

  • Washington Wizards PSN DC_Biggavelli


Northwest Division

  • Utah Jazz

  • Denver Nuggets

  • Oklahoma City Thunder PSN skipper_the_flip

  • Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Portland Trailblazers

Pacific Division

  • LA Clippers

  • Sacramento Kings

  • LA Lakers GT kiyenb

  • Phoenix Suns

  • Golden State Warriors PSN fluffycat2000

Southwest Division

  • Memphis Grizzlies PSN jpboy89

  • Dallas Mavericks PSN Ray2Kay, PSN TrentenTV, GT dontjumpmove

  • New Orleans Pelicans PSN redstickgamer

  • Houston Rockets

  • San Antonio Spurs

Alright, so let's start making a list of guys that rep certain squads all in one place that people can refer to. Put your information in the comments, include:

  • Your team

  • Your system

  • Your PSN or XBoxOne Gamer tag

Also as you match up with people report back with some of your results.

So share this post and help me get the word out!

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Coach2K: True Pacers fan from Indiana representing the NBA2K Pacers..


I added two guys to the list. One is PSN VJosDad who uses the Bulls. I've played him. Excellent player. I also added and xboxone guy Kiyenb to the list above.

Charlotte Hornets, XboxOne, jaypthree45


I got you added my friend!

I got you added for Memphis. I've played Jpboy89 many times! Thanks for reminding me to get you on there!

Added Ray2Kay to Dallas. Thanks Ray2Kay. I've played him a few times too!

I'm from Philly, as you know Coach, I rededicating myself to my 76ers, was upset with all the changes, but no excuse, You did, much respect for you, so can I , PHILLY !

I'm happy to hear it Kev. I know it really stinks to run with a crappy team but I'm glad to hear you are repping Philly going forward!!! I'll add you above so people can find you. #ReppingTheHomeTown

Im from ock but currently live in Dallas i visit all the time okc is my team i have been to many of there game and i use the win or lose. im on ps4 user name is skipper_the_flip i hope i can join.

Alright man, I listed you on OKC above. Thanks for replying! I also sent you a friend request.

Got a chance to play skipper_the_flip and had a really great game! Thanks man!

yeah it was but i can tell that my game still needs some work i hope everyone play just as hard as you.

I play against some pretty stiff competition all year so I am at a little bit of an advantage in that regard. Keep working at it! That's what I do.

I would be highly surprised if you find another guy from Louisiana who is a die Pels fan like me.

I did meet a guy who was a front row season ticket holder to the Pelicans! Does that count? :)

Got a nice game in with TrentonTV Mavs. He's added to the list above.

I use The Knicks PS4 PSN:Gotbeats

I got you on there and I'll also send you a friend request. Thanks!

Nice game with dedicated Knicks user GotBeats! GG man! Thanks for playing!

psn alwaysglobal
miami heat

I got you added! And sent you a friend request.

dontjumpmove Xbox1

PSN: fluffycat2000

TEAM: Golden State Warriors (live 2 hours away in Sacramento)


Alright, I've got you added!! Thanks!

I put you on the list with Golden State. I'll send you a friend request. Let's play sometime! Thanks!

Ps4 csofva running with the boston celtics since the beginning of time

Does anyone want to play a game? I will be on until at least 10pm EST.

Sorry didn't catch your comment on the day you posted it. Get with PSN GotBeats on the playstation.

I've played PSN csofva as Boston several times and recommend playing him. We need a Boston guy in the league csofva. I'll add you above. Thanks for letting me know.

Ask him if he needs a front row seat friend.

Just finished playing a game vs Thebulnell215. It was a good game; he is no joke.

I play with the Houston rockets I'm a die hard fan. I'm born in raised in Houston ,Texas. I feel that guys should play with the city they're from. It makes the game more fun and you play with a lot of pride. Also I play basketball in real life, I'm just in love with the game. Basketball is life for me go Sim Nation!

If you leave your PSN or XBone gamertag, I'll put you in my list above. Thanks for the comment!

My fault, Coach... My gamertag is jaypthree44 XboxOne

Got it corrected. Thanks for letting me know!